Friday, October 15, 2010


Hoi zäma,
as they say in Switzerland, where I'm now working and where they corrupt the German language to something unintelligible.

Big news is that I'm now engaged to Christina! We were on holiday in Sweden, and when visiting Lulea where we first met I asked her on bended knee with a reindeer-horn ring bought from a Lappland handicraft store. Good move with the temporary ring, because she isn't a ring erson a or a dreaming about the perfect engagement ring kind of person, so I had absolutely no idea what she would want or like. Turns out reindeer-horn was exactly what she wanted!

The picture of us is not from Sweden, but from a Sunday afternoon bike ride that was rudely interrupted by a wine festival in the next village (we didn't get very far).

I know there's only been 2 posts this year, but I promise I'm working on an update of pics from the last year, and possibly a name change and header change on the blog, in the next week or so, so keep tuned!