Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chatsworth House

Still catching up on pics from '08, here we have Chatsworth house, the classic stately home that is the backdrop to so many period movies and TV series. It was the home of Bess of Hardwick from the 1500's.

This was an amazing marble sculpture that made the veil look like the most fragile lace

A Rolls-Royce engine of course!

Sculpture park

Alex and Luca

Alex, Luca and I met up with Winnie and her mum Katherine who was over for a visit and who were doing a "Jane Austen" tour. Dinner was at the Bulls Head, along Pierre and Ben in blue, a RRFCS student who had literally just arrived from Germany that weekend.

Misc bits, some old, some new

I've almost caught up with posting old pics, so here we go back from Jan 09...

Geordie, Evangeline, and friend Angeline in Singapore, a short mostly business trip on my way back to the UK from Aus.

Just hanging around the Santosa beach

I've just cheated on Christina just the once ...

Dec 08 - somehow in all my music making in Aus I managed to avoid most christmas carol type gigs (except for one Carols by Candelight where we played Japanese Taiko drums along with Humphrey B Bear...). But here in the Hathern Band we had something like 11 carols gigs in 2 weeks...

And that included walking around the village for 3+ hours on a cold Sunday morning playing about 6 carols over and over and over and over for spare change. The charms of village life, eh?

On the aiport road

My drum teacher Matt playing with his soul funk band the Shakes at the Malt Cross, Nottingham And yes, I am envious of the hair!

Part of the birthday celebration, with Elisa, Kai, Roy, and Pavel at the Aussie restaurant Moomba which is one of the better eateries in Loughborough. All your Aussie favorites including Kangaroo steak and burgers, Ostrich (?) and Mediterreanean Chicken Salad are on the menu...

The new bass trombone, a Rath D9, with red brass bell for deep warm sound, nickel tuning slide and leadpipe for enhanced attack, dual bore yellow brass slide , independent hagmann valves... I was thinking of calling it Ghengis (a tenuous connection via Star Trek and the (W)Rath of Kahn).
The Stourbridge Glass Museum, in one of the last remaining glassmaking cones, which is effectively a chimney to draw in air for all of the furnaces located inside it.

British Trombone Society event in Rugby, Mar 09, kinda like what I imagine heaven might be like...