Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cousins of Cousins in Milano

So it's almost 3 months since the last post, and many photos taken, in charming cities like Paris, and Bradford(!), but while I take a quick break from job hunting (yes, I'm moving jobs and countries again), I thought I'd add some of the latest pictures from a long weekend spent in Milan.

Joyce, and Chris Munster (my cousin from Sydney)

The reason was simple, my cousin Chris from Sydney (1st cousin once removed) was in Vienna and then Milan visiting cousins of his (xth cousins, slightly removed). My other Chris(tina) also popped over and we spent most of the weekend just walking around the town, celebrating Haloween in an Indian restaurant (?) and seeing a bit of Lake Como and the Swiss Alps in the not-so-distance. Nice. So some pics:

The Pavia family: Joyce, Giorgio (Chris' Dad's cousin of some sort), and Alissa

Near the Swiss border (I think at Mt. Bisbino)

It was a long day for Chrstina who got up at 3.30 am to get there

As usual, more pics are on Picassa, so click on the link / pic below:

Milan & Chris(Munster) & Chris(tina)