Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year - Old Pics: Warwick & Coventry

Since last we spoke:

  • I was in Germany with Christina for a weekend
  • Christina was germanic and here for a few days
  • I was having an not-incredibly hot Christmas in Aus
  • Spent a few days on the way back in Singapore for work
  • Had a sudden work trip happen to the US for a week
  • Had a less sudden work trip to Germany happen, coincidentally coinciding with Wallerfangen's Carnival. Almost didn't make it back due to snowstorm.
As always, I manage not to blog enough, so catching up on last years' pics here are some from a trip we took to some of the sights in the vicinity of Loughborough.

Our destination was
Coventry. Once the capital of UK's car industry, with over 100 car makers, it became an important target for Germany during WW2. So it was flattened, and rebuilt in unflattering concrete and brick. Highlight of the town is an impressive transport museum featuring heaps of bikes, cars, trucks, all from the era.

The Thrust 2, broke the land speed record in 1983 hitting a speed of 633km/hr. Basically it is just a Rolls-Royce jet engine with a seat and wheels strapped to it.

A Delorean DMC-12, but without flux capacitor.

A nice bit of Coventry

The bombed out church, which is retained as a memorial

The stained glass of the new church, a brick and concrete modern thing that is partly kinda cool, partly just cold and concret-y

Warwick castle, is one of the most intact castles remainining in England, now owned and run by the Madam Tusssauds company, so it is a kinda medieval theme park. At over 30$ entry, just went for a walk around it.

Tudor Buidlings. I like the wonkiness, actually.

Inside St. Mary's (?) in Warwick

A cool memorial - read the last lines about the worms feeding her corpse.

More ye olde eglande.

Zoom lens!

The 14th Century Lord Leycester Hospital

One of the many random Heritage listed Castles found along the road. Mostly just ruins now (Kenilworth).