Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Loughborough - You're Living In It

Here are some misc pics in and around Loughborough. Minimal comment, maximum contrast.

An oak in one of the few remaining bits of the old Sherwood Forest, around Nottingham

One of several pubs claiming to be ye Oldeste in England. "The Old Trip to Jerusalem", built into the wall of the foundations of Nottingham Castle

A frosty Winter morning

Beacon Hill, the 2nd highest point around Loughborough

Overview of L'boro. Like Clayton, the highest building is the uni dorms.

Dunno what this pose was meant to be...

Alex: Also German, also a Rolls-Royce employee (technically a student), also living in my house

Note the ominous grey skies. This is summer in England, folks. And yes it rained shortly afterward.

Funk master Maceo Parker, live in Leicester.

So this is what happens when you attack the wrong end of a can of tuna

Tomomi visiting London from Japan...

...who was also here at the same time as "Albers" the Swedish Stone-crushers from Sandvik, Anders and Albin. Duncan and Peta from Glen Waverley / East Burwood in the back row.

BBQ at my place, the first for the "summer". Anders (Sweden, Sandvik stonecrusher), Christina (another german RR employee but not a housemate), Albin (Sweden, Sandvik stonecrusher), Hanne (Denmark) and Philipe (Ger, RR, not a housemate)

My house. Not on the left, the corner terrace on the right.

The end of my street - the bright lights are the cinemas, basically next door to the town hall. Yes, I am living it large in the middle of the city, er village, er township? Hamlet?

The Skoda in Easter

Red brick terrace houses are all the rage here. And they are all the same red brick, and go on for blocks and blocks. New houses don't look much different

One minute beforehand, the ducks were all lined up facing the wrong direction, but I was cameraless. Would have made for a much better picture.

Living room - now complete with electric drumset. Still loud enough to annoy my housemates, but not the neighbours. Unless I plug it into the guitar amp I found hiding in the roof...