Friday, March 7, 2008

Off to France

Hej ho!

I was going to post about the famous English weather this time, but for several reasons I cant.

1) I haven't taken the pic that I wanted to of my broken umbrella to really add impact to the post

2) I haven't managed to record the ghostly wailing that accompanies high winds blowing across the chimney pots or whatever it is. Need to play with some microphone levels.

3) I am off to the French Alps tomorrow for 4 full days of snowboarding action, and need to focus on packing my thermals, finding my gloves, and practicing my French "Je refuse d'etre fouille avant l'arrivee de mon avocat". (I refuse to be searched until my lawyer is present). Maybe I need to focus on finding the right page of the phrasebook...

So until I'm back and find a bit more time to regale you of tales of gales, and frame my story of rain that is such a pain, and even how you can be overcome by the gloriousness of the sun....

Have a good 2nd week of March.